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Investment Categories

Whisky Casks

Whisky is 2021’s top performing luxury investment asset with record returns in casks Investments in the last 12 months, it far outstrips the more established alternative asset investments such as art, wine, and cars.

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Loan Notes

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Looking to invest in Bonds? We work with a panel of local providers and we can help you source the right investment for you.

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Shariah Law Compliant Investments

Shariah-compliant investments are governed by the requirements of Shariah law and the principles of Islam. We can help you source ethically responsible Shariah compliant investments.

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Gold Precious Metals and Minerals

Precious metals are precious because they are rare. There is a limited amount of these minerals produced each year, and scarcity is the reason for their value. The three major precious metals that trade on futures exchanges around the world are gold, silver, and platinum. We help many investors maximise their return from these types of investments.

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Other Alternative Investments

Need assistance with other types of investment. We can help you with a number of alternative investment options.

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Alternative Investments as an option

Looking to diversify your portfolio? Many professional investors are recognising the potential offered by alternative investments. Benefit from our expert specialist team backed by extensive global resources. Experience high-touch, customised service, supported by comprehensive risk management and rigorous operational due diligence.


Our alternative investment strategies work…

We recognise the money you invest represents the hard work and savings of real people like you. Or if you represent a non profit organisation, the money needs to be there in the long run to fulfil important missions. We understand what is at stake. Thats why we are committed to our purpose of only presenting investment opportunities that have met our strict standards on due diligence and security.

Moving forward

Services We Provide

Covered in these areas

If you have been given bad advise on a pension investment and as a result you have lost money, your home, or received less than the promised results, we may be able to help you seek compensation.

If you weren’t given the correct information or weren’t told how your money would be invested or the risk involved with that investment, you might have been missold the investment product.

The Tier 1 Investor visa category is for individuals who are able to make a substantial financial investment in the UK. In order to qualify for a UK Visa you must be willing to invest your funds in actively trading UK companies. We can offer you options that meet the visa requirements needed to make sure you and your loved ones achieve UK visa status.

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About Us

AMT Investment Services Ltd is your one stop investment platform for a variety of prime investment opportunities across all asset classes. The global opportunities accessible on our platform are carefully vetted and selected to provide confidence, transparency and peace of mind to our investors.

Clients’ Testimonials

  • “WIth the help of AMT Investment Services I have been able to provide a choice of carefully vetted investment options to my clients. They have been consistent in issues relating to to the needs of my company and its clients.”

    George Evans
    CEO, Digital B Ltd
  • “Our goal is to provide secure, profitable and diverse global investment opportunities, to help our clients and partners make informed investment and business decisions.”

    Alex Matos
    AMT Investment Services, CEO

Our goal is to be at the heart of the alternative investment industry as businesses expand across.

Alex MatosAMT Investment Services, CEO

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