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A man from Coventry turns £4,700 whisky investment into £225,000

amtinvestmentservices > Uncategorized > A man from Coventry turns £4,700 whisky investment into £225,000

A 59-year-old dad from Coventry, in the West Midlands, is heading for an early retirement after turning a £4,700 investment on whiskey into an astronomical £225,000.

Roger Parfitt, who works as a bank manager, bought a Macallan cask for £3,200 and a Tobermory cask for £1,500 27 years ago and has now sold the two casks to Whisky Investment Partners for a 4,600 per cent increase on his initial investment.

Mr Parfitt has used the money to pay off his mortgage and also to bring forward his retirement by three years.

Mr Parfitt said: “I remember thinking, if it doesn’t appreciate in value, the worst that could happen is that you would have to get it out of the warehouse, bottle it and drink it.

“It always had that fall back for me – you could drown your sorrows if it didn’t work out financially!”

Roger Parfitt celebrates with his son Tom

He also plans to take his wife, Helen, to visit family in Florida, as well as a long list of fishing and golfing trips with his good friends.

However, he’s not done in investing in whiskey, despite not being an expert in the drink himself, as he sees it as a good alternative strategy for investing.

Roger added: “For me personally, when it comes to investing, it has to be a sensible strategy. I believe that if you just do what everyone else is doing, you’re never going to get a result like this.

“The fact that it’s tax-free; you can prove the indexes, and Scotch Whisky isn’t going out of fashion – I think it’s a good, alternative strategy.

“That’s why I have invested in a cask for each of my children – the cask of mum and dad if you like – as I hope in 10 years time they will receive a windfall to support buying a house or car.”

Source: Coventry Telegraph – 10th July 2021

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