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HFH Litigation Funding

Litigation Funding

Rolling Loan Note

The HFH Rolling Loan Note offers investors access to the lucrative Short Maturity litigation funding market. A rising asset class that is disconnected from traditional markets. Investors enjoy a reliable fixed income and underlying cases are comprehensively insured and thus capital is protected.

HFH Litigation Funding Specialist

HFH Consulting Limited is a UK company that specialises in the litigation funding marketplace and seeks to build on its successful experience in sourcing investment for the corporate and individual litigation market. To satisfy the demand it has identified, the Loan Note will provide funds for a variety of litigation funding opportunities. These will be mainly in the short maturity litigation markets where claims have a high probability of success and tend to be settled/concluded within a 12 month time-frame. The litigants are typically claimants wishing to pursue justice against large corporates and quasi government entities – personal injury and financial mis-selling claims are examples of the type of claims HFH process. Previous litigation funders in this sector saw Solicitors directly funded (practice funding) with no coverage or protection in place, substantially increasing counterparty risk. HFH do not fund the law firms, they fund the cases directly with full assignment rights over

each case. Funds are only provided on a case-by-case basis, subject to the approval of the independent board of solicitors, the claim management company, and HFH’s own internal assessment process. HFH use a case management portal provided by a technology partner, using the latest cloud-based systems, providing fine-grained control over cases and realtime data on the performance of each case, allowing the investor to audit cases as they see fit. HFH’s key partners in the collections process have established proven systems linking the solicitor to the process of repayment of their cases to HFH.. ** 10.50% p.a. is the effective rate including 2% maturity bonus.

  • Fully comprehensive ATE insurance
  • Proprietary Funding system, fully automated reporting
  • Transparent micromanagement of expenditure
  • Disconnected with and noncorrelated to stock markets
  • An ideal hedge against the risk of falling asset prices in traditional investment classes

Key Facts

Type                                                   Secured Fixed Income Loan Note

Issuer                                                 HFH Consulting Limited

Minimum Investment size          10,000 GBP/EUR 20,000 USD

Issue Size                                          10,000,000.00 GBP

Coupon                                              6 monthly @ 8.50% yr 1, thereafter 10.50% p.a.

Term                                                   Open Ended

Liquidity                                             Exit possible at each anniversary after first year

Entry/Exit fee                                   Zero

Notice Period for Redemption     90 days

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