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UK Tier 1 Investment Visas

UK Tier 1 Investment Visas

Why invest in a UK Tier 1 Investment Visa

Pardus Fixed Income Bond Plc is led by an accomplished and committed team who bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to their roles. Due to our physical presence in global financial capitals, we’ve cultivated privileged connections which have enabled us to develop a Tier investment opportunity that’s not available anywhere else.

Together with our legal partners, we work closely with investors and brokers to prepare high quality visa applications on behalf of our investors and their families.

Our legal partners will guide you through the complex Home Office immigration rules and policies, while our team of financial experts make an unwavering commitment to achieving above average, fixed rate returns on your investment.

Visa benefits

  1. Professional, reliable service with fast, clear responses
  2. Direct access to the UK’s leading immigration lawyers
  3. Expert knowledge of immigration laws and procedures
  4. Meets the criteria set out by the UK Home Office
  5. Fixed-rate, high-yield returns
  6. Permanent Residency in the UK in as Little as 2 Years, for you and your Immediate Family

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